This project started by inviting a diverse group of people to experiment with a FBI face recognition software and create self portraits. We observed the process alongside established scientists reflecting on the data and drawing conclusions about our human self-perception. The results were intriguing, giving us a preview of how skewed our self-views are and how strongly they dictate who we are as people. The intimate stories and honest encounters inspired us to take our pursuit a step further and this is where you come in…


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Now we are ready to dive into how we, as people, strive to shape our identity through online connectivity and technology in order to appease the social norm. Who benefits and suffers from it and how does it affect our quality of life? What does human identity look like in the future? All questions we need answers to!! As residents of Los Angeles, the hub of entertainment, we know that our perspective is unique and perhaps distorted. We plan to seek out those whose image raises their self-value professionally, driving a greater rift between their everyday identity and the one displayed socially. We are looking for juicy breakthroughs that will help us understand the exponential social human growth and help guide us to a more fulfilling future.

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