Christina Ochoa: CEO. Actress, science communicator and writer.  Grand niece of Nobel Prize winner Severo Ochoa, daughter of sculptor Victor Ochoa, her entire life she was surrounded by members of both the scientific and artistic academies. After graduating she went on to study Oceanographic Engineering at Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, and advanced Marine Biology studies in James Cook University - Australia. Soon after, she started gaining interest in performing arts and content development. She has successfully worked on both mediums ever since.
She has done theater, TV (TNT’s “Animal Kingdom” , ABC’s “A Million Little Things”, CW’s “Valor” among others), as well as films; including “Stay With Me” (Produced by QE) which garnered numerous awards in the film festival circuit, and produced STEM centric media online under the banner of: KNOW BRAINER.
She created QE (Quantum Entanglement) Productions in early 2011.  Her first published work was featured in Vogue Spain. She has regular spreads featured in H and other publications, where she focuses on film/profile pieces, science and book reviews. She also has a monthly film column in the “El Imparcial” Newspaper. Find out more about Christina on: www.ChristinaOchoa.com.





Karen Gorostieta: COO. First generation American, born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, Karen grew up speaking Spanish at home and learned English in school. She attended UCLA and graduated with her BS in Political Science specializing in International relations, with her goal being to work as a diplomat in the State Dept. 
A fellow Bruin told her to apply for a job with her at what was then WMA, and she followed her friend’s advice thinking she could work and prep for the Foreign Service exam in the evenings. Little did she know what it really meant to work in entertainment. She never took the FSE and after a few years at WMA ended up at Goldenvoice, the company that created Coachella. After 6 years she wrapped there, living in Argentina for a year and came back to run her family’s real estate business. There she learned the ins and outs of managing property, remodeling, leasing and acquisition all the while taking a couple of weeks off every year to work her Coachella gig. 
A few years ago she met Christina Ochoa. They quickly became friends and realized they could work well as a team. Christina lured her back into the game as her partner in QE Productions. Karen is thrilled to return to the industry that taught her that you could work incredibly hard and love every minute of it. 

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ANONYMOUS CONTENT: MANAGEMENT. Founded in 1999 by CEO Steve Golin, Anonymous Content is a production and management company where talent comes first. Anonymous manages exceptional directors, writers, actors, and comedians, and work closely with them to achieve their goals, whether in feature films, television, commercials, music videos, or brand integrated content. We guide careers with confidence, relying on our experience in every area of the changing media landscape. Alongside our distinguished clients, we continue to grow our outstanding reputation in the entertainment and advertising industries. For more information please visit: https://www.anonymouscontent.com/



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